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It takes a village to raise a kiddo. You are not alone. I am here to support you.

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Hello, I have been blessed to be mentored by a child therapist with the goal to determine ways to empower my Little Prince to make the Right Choices. 

Don't get me wrong... I am not a Pinterest Mom. I created these strategies, tools, and ideas to make the day go smoother. 

Don't Survive the summer. Thrive through the Summer!!

Thrive through the Summer 

July 19th -August 27

Thrive through the Summer is not like any other  Moms' Coaching program out there...Because the program is a combination of a few of my favorite things – Numerology, EFT Tapping, strategies and tools from the Spirited Tool Box where I bring all I have learned from being mentored by a child therapist as well as my 25 years of parenting. 

  • Numerology - find out your Mini Family Code  –  and as a BONUS I am offering a 1:1 session to deliver your own unique Mini Family Code "Meet Your Family!" .  This is the tool to help you understand: each member of your family: personality, physical influences, gifts, and challenges.  Each Mini Family Code is unique and my intention with this work is that the insights gained will help you to see the power of family member and well as an understanding of how each family member work This is where the magic begins, learning to see each family member fully is so very powerful!  

You will also receive a weekly forecast created by Numerology along with Card pulls from Mama Mantra card. (Facebook live in group)

Weekly Zoom Calls- masterminding and co-collaborating activities and strategies, challenges, and celebrate wins with other like minded moms. (1 hour which be broke up 1/2 of group coaching and 1/2 of masterminding)

Weekly EFT tapping Session for you or kiddos which is emotional freedom technique which creates balance in your neurological system and can be used for many different such as overwhelm, anxiety, fear, big behaviors, and so much more. 

Let's thrive through the Summer together!! 

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